How does a clean house boost our dopamine level

How does a clean house boost our dopamine level?

Do you ever observe people in the shopping malls? Have you noticed the shift in the way they walk, smile, talk and the general attitude they show when they enter a beautifully arranged shop that smells of a night-blooming jasmine?

On the other hand, think about the way you feel when you are in a messy room with clothes piled everywhere. Aren’t you stricken by a sudden feeling of tension as you try to remember where you left that one item you were looking for?!

In fact, we materialize feelings through an instinctive response that the brain produces based on the previously acquired information from the environment. So, an organized, clean space brings the feeling of joy, a cluttered room – feeling of stress. You can see more info here.

Let’s try to understand why a clean house brings up this particular brand of feelings.

What connects a clean house with feelings of relief, stability, freedom, fulfilment and socializing.

The feeling of relief                 

When you arrive home to a clean house, immediately a feeling of relief and a spark of joy hits you.

You finally feel like allowing yourself to leave all your job related issues and worries behind. No dirty dishes waiting to be taken care of. You are done with your responsibilities for the day.

No more pressure. You can dive in the pool of easiness and relaxation that is your home. 

The feeling of stability                             

Having a clutter-free home invokes a deeper sense of stability.

Tidying up also means getting rid of possessions and things. For a lot of people that can be a big turmoil.

Having the capacity to toss away many things that you relate to, specially those that have a so-called psychological value for you suggests certain emotional stability.

Being ready to let go of things means also more room for new experiences and memories.

The sense of freedom

Being in the space you like, that is well designed and organized, with positive energy freely floating around makes you focus on yourself and your creative potential.

You have time to feel your real needs. New chapters open.

It’s inspiring to feel the freedom and mark around the books and objects you like and not to focus on hassle that surrounds you. It’s motivating. 

Appreciation for the family members

Finding a clean house lets us focus more on our partners and kids. We can feel their needs and give them what they really need at the moment.

Being in a joyful family nest takes away loneliness and augments security.


When living in the space we love our social nature comes out. We want to share this good feeling with our friends.

We want to have fun. Everything is at our hand, so no place for panic even if instead of having two friends over we find ourselves in the middle of a big house party. Our house becomes the scene of many shared laughs, nice conversations, good meals and drinks, or even dancing challenges.


We are in a continuous interaction with the world that surrounds us, we relate to the mess around as well as we relate to the order that is around us.

Now we can easily conclude that the flood of organizational tips and planners on our living and working spaces is not just for showing off, but a useful tool that can help us feel better.

Doing a bit of cleaning at a time can bring a lot of joy to our everyday life. At the end, we all choose our own state of mind.